Rescuing My Old Wacom Intuos After a Windows Update Ruined Everything

If you have an older graphics tablet that is no longer supported, and it stops working after a Windows update, DON'T BUY A NEW ONE JUST YET!!!

My Wacom Intuos PTZ930 was working perfectly, last week. This week, after an update, Windows 10 could not detect it, even though it was connected and the indicator light showed that it was on.

I NEED my tablet. The pen allows me to do detailed work on images that a mouse just will not do.

So you do the logical thing: you go to Wacom's website and look for the updated driver. You find that the driver you are using is the most recent one. Then you discover that Wacom no longer supports that tablet. they stopped selling this one 10 years ago...but I paid a LOT of money for this tablet, and I love it, and I will keep using it until it dies.

WHY should I have to buy a new, expensive tablet when this one is still perfect??? I am so SICK of consumerism. I am so SICK of technology companies deciding that we should buy more new stuff!!!

We spent a couple of days looking for solutions, such as Linux:

  • I was willing to give up using my tablet with Photoshop and use GIMP instead, but I have a few  other apps that I really cannot do without, and they don't run on Linux...
  • We tried a dual-boot system with Windows and Linux but couldn't get it to work properly...
  • I don't have room for another computer...
  • I mean WHY should this decision by Wacom force me to change EVERYTHING and spend a lot of money???

Thankfully, hubby found

They have compatible drivers for many tablets that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. They are FREE.

We did make a donation, though. It seemed only fair, since they saved us a ton of money and lots of headaches. You can donate through their Patreon page or via their Ko-fi page.

So make sure you check with them first, to see if they have a compatible driver for your tablet!